Step Into A Great Move!

  1. Boxes must be sealed. (top + bottom)
  2. All breakables needed to be boxed. (lamps, shades, sm. electronics, pictures, etc.)
  3. Mark boxes clearly with destination + items.
  4. Mover is NOT responsible for items NOT packed by them!
  5. In most cases, clothes may stay in drawers. (breakables & valuables out.)
  6. All antique furniture must be emptied.
  7. Refridgerators and freezers must be emptied.
  8. We do NOT disconnect water or gas lines.
  9. Please do your best to make walkways safe. (snow + ice must be removed, trim bushes, etc.)
  10. Please call with any concerns, Thank You.

Accurate Moves
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Info: (330) 956-0839